A forum used for intel in request of The Library, an organization on FFXIV that takes on requests and responds in a roleplay format while completing said request.



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    Post by Henra on Tue Jun 16, 2015 5:32 pm

    Welcome to my Library.

    Now, I know you have many questions and I will more then happily supply you with the answers but lets go over the basics of what we are, shall we? We are a well-equipped, low radar mercenary group with a long list of specializations and a rainbow of colorful gentlemen and ladies. Now I know the word "mercenary" can be quite distasteful but have pride in that word. We do not pretend to be anything but what we are. We are not some government organization with their pesky conspiracies, cover ups, rules and restrictions but we certainly aren't a group of bandits. If anything, we are mercenaries with standards and style. Manners are important. Even if you are a mercenary. Now, not to say we don't let our hands get dirty.

    More then likely, our hands are in more then one pot of filth and deceit at a time. But, your rate of performances and the style of the way it is completed flatters our reputation. A better reputation also means more official requests which results in higher rates of money flowing into the Library. More books, more benefits to us all. Do not get me wrong. I do not want you to pretend to be anyone else but who you are. But work is work. Do it like Gentleman or a Lady or join some other rag tag group of misfits.

    Of course I do not want you all to act like nobles. Honestly, I detest nobles more then anything. Their breed is usually not much better then swine with their views. So, I will not tolerate snobbery. True, some people are low brow, indeed, but that has nothing to do with wealth, what fancy, little school they attended or their blood ties. If you can not understand this, I will sufficiently have our Guardian beat it out of you. We have a few rules here but mainly in regards to keeping structure within our group. Otherwise, there will be just chaos. But I will not go into details or else I'd have to kill you. Ahahahaha. Really, though. I will kill you. So, please, sign up for an interview if you are interested and we will be able to delve further into the information.

    If you are looking for money or prestige, we can certainly help with that.

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