A forum used for intel in request of The Library, an organization on FFXIV that takes on requests and responds in a roleplay format while completing said request.

    Rank List


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    Rank List

    Post by Henra on Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:06 pm

    Book Master
    The mysterious leader of The Library. An avid lover of literature and the leader of the underground mercenary group hidden in the Library's depth. Her authority echoes over all decisions.

    Tome Mistress
    The co-owner of the Library. She mimics the power of the Head and makes decisions on accepting requests, who is best suited to do them and the amount of wages paid out. She can decide on who is worthy and can actually do interviews personally. She can decide who is no longer is of use to the Library and dispatch them and is also the leader of the raiding team. Any special requests must be approved by her.

    The Guardian and discipliner when it comes to the members of the Library. Any problems such as harassment from fellow members or outsiders can be brought to him. Decides the punishment and can decide penalty roleplay sessions for those who await punishment. He has authority over Head Librarians and anyone lower. He can speak on level with the Head and the Mistress. He is the judge, executioner and guardian.

    Head Librarians
    Though these members did not help found the FC, they are as important and considered as one of the highest rankings recruits can achieve. They have many different jobs and help in many different ways but out of their charity, goodwill and love for The Library, they helped when they didn't have to. They do what they need to and do it because it will benefit the FC. They are granted this title not lightly and can join the Wage System if they like and also will receive different uniforms from those of lower ranking to show a difference in stature. They are considered the leaders over Librarians and their authority should be respected. They can give helpful advice but they will also inform of the rules so that other members are aware.

    They are considered official members of the FC and have passed their interviewing process. They are able to have the benefits of Head Librarians helping them and become an official part of the mercenary group known as The Library.

    Temporary members that have not completed their interview process. At this point, you are considered fresh meat to all the members. We don't promote hazing. Let us know if something like that happens to you. You might be teased though. You are not allowed to officially start any roleplays until you have been promoted.

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