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    Your Interview and You


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    Your Interview and You

    Post by Henra on Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:42 pm

    The interview is a two part-interview process. All the while you will be accepted temporarily into the FC as a recruit but you will not be an official member until you do your interviews and your ranking changed to a Librarian.

    To start off, the first step is doing an Out-Of-Character interview where you can just sit and talk with the interviewer and discuss about what the group is about, what your expectations are, some history about your roleplaying experience or if you are new, what you want to do with your character and any other questions you would like to ask. Just getting to know each other mainly.

    The second part of the interview will be an interaction between your character and your interviewer's character in a roleplaying scene. They will ask questions about your history, and a series of questions to get a peg on what kind of person they are going to be hiring. So make sure you are prepared!

    You must pass both interviews to be promoted to be a Librarian.

    Please make a thread of what times would be the best for you, any schedule alterations or questions regarding the interview process as well will be answered in your thread. If you miss your interview and you do not reschedule within a week, you will be removed from the FC until you resubmit.

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