A forum used for intel in request of The Library, an organization on FFXIV that takes on requests and responds in a roleplay format while completing said request.

    Ranking System


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    Ranking System

    Post by Henra on Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:59 pm

    Whose the elite and who are worthless? Wait, did I say worthless? I mean, require more training.

    This is where we show our appreciation for those who did well! You must leave a message left in your character's point of view about their appreciation or maybe complaint about their request being fulfilled. You may also leave a OOC message at the very end giving your regards or any sort of comment you like. Other members may leave a message, if they like, even if they weren't involved with the matter at all.

    The more appreciation messages we see, the more likely your reputation will go up with higher ups and a better chance on getting an official wage, a higher position, and certain benefits.

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